Save money, without thinking about it.

HSAPAY is the modern, mobile health savings account.

How investing with HSAPAY works

HSAPAY is more than an investment app.
You’ll have access to tools that can help you become a confident investor

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Imagine your health
savings account fully funded

With HSAPAY anyone can give to your HSA!

Now friends, family, coworkers can save to your HSA. Keeping your account fully funded year over year.

It's Smart

Using AI and algorithms you’re leveraging computer power.

Keep your HSA funded easily

All TalliHealth features, now and forever, are to help you stay safe by being funded.

HIPPA compliant

Rest easy, your information is secured.

Features and benefits

Keeps your account funded

Credit card transaction “rounding up”. Manages and tracks your deposits into the app. Keeps you up-to-date with your savings account. Reminds you of important updates with the IRS.


Watches your transactions for write offs. Reminds you when you enter a care facility. Exports your information at the end of the year. Artificial intelligence tells you if you made a mistake.

Helps manage your HSA

Add a credit card to start rounding up quickly. Add additional cards to continue rounding up. Change your rounding options at any time. Add lump-sum to your HSA at anytime.

Leverage partner networks

Our partners can save you for things like braces, glasses, and more.With our partners, you’ll have access to better care.


Sign up for free in
5 minutes or less.

No coding or hard work to set it up, Just your HSA sign in.

Fast and reliable HSA payment coverage

We know you want a fast and secure way to manage your savings.

Deposit into your account fast

HSAPAY let you deposit into your account fast.

Service plans

Rather than surprise fees, we bundle our products into simple, transparent subscription tiers that support your financial wellness.

Limited time only! Try out HSAPAY

The money I can save daily with rounding up, gives me peace-of-mind. I sleep way better at night knowing I'm prepared for care.

Yolande W. 

Mom of 2 in Tacoma, WA

Find a new way to save to your HSA with HSAPAY. Have you family, friends, coworkers and more help you put money into your HSA.

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