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Everything You Need to Know to Start Saving with TalliHealth

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Opening an HSA account is extremely easy nowadays. Thousands of Americans deposit or move their finances through them, since you only need to be eligible according to a few rules. It is one of the best ways to save money, but choosing a health savings account can be daunting, especially for people funding one for the first time. But there is little to fear; It is an extremely safe service that can guarantee you a healthier future.

The Advantages of opening a TalliHealth Account

In an HSA account, you benefit from 3 fee deductions:

1 – Deduction when you deposit to your account and/or tax free income when your employer makes a deposit to your account.

2 – The account belongs to you, not your employer; it remains yours even if you change jobs or become unemployed.

3 – Flexibility; you decide how much you want to contribute and how much and what medical expenses you want to use your funds for.

What it the process for setting up my account?

First of all, you have to elect a high deductible health plan. When the plan obtains your enrollment, it usually sends you an mail with a form that you must complete and return to the plan. When the plan receives your information, it will notify the HSA administrator. This administrator will then create your account and your health plan will deposit “premium pass through” payments into the account.

How much does TalliHealth cost?

An HSA is not something you purchase; it’s a savings account into which you can deposit money on a tax-preferred basis. The only product you purchase with an HSA is a High Deductible Health Plan, an inexpensive plan that will cover you should your medical expenses exceed the funds you have in your HSA.

I’m not working right now, am I eligible to create an account in TalliHealth?

Yes, if you’re being covered under an HDHP. You don’t have to have earned income from employment – the money can be from your own savings, income from dividends, unemployment or welfare benefits.

As you can see, TalliHealth is easier than you think and just depends on you being eligible. So don’t be afraid of it; TalliHealth is safe, practical and made to make your life more confortable and happier.

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