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HSAPAY is on a mission to create a better insurance experience for all.

Health Saving,
Tax Free, Automatically

Features and benefits

Keeps your account funded

Credit card transaction “rounding up”. Manages and tracks your deposits into the app. Keeps you up-to-date with your savings account. Reminds you of important updates with the IRS.


Watches your transactions for write offs. Reminds you when you enter a care facility. Exports your information at the end of the year. Artificial intelligence tells you if you made a mistake.

Helps manage your HSA

Add a credit card to start rounding up quickly. Add additional cards to continue rounding up. Change your rounding options at any time. Add lump-sum to your HSA at anytime.

Leverage partner networks

Our partners can save you for things like braces, glasses, and more.With our partners, you’ll have access to better care.


Frank Staine-Pyne

CEO, Co-Founder

As Co-Founder and CEO, Frank’s core focus is on finding and harnessing new ways to help average healthcare consumers afford, manage, and pay for healthcare. Frank has 20 years of experience in technology and finance, as a comptroller for the U.S. Air Force, and a background in Tactical Network Deployment for the U.S. Army.

Tact Prior to founding TalliHealth, Frank developed software solutions including mobile apps for private companies. Notably, Frank played for the Indianapolis Colts, in the NFL, and holds a BS from the U.S. Air Force Academy and a MS in Data Analytics from SLU.


Craig Wright

CMO, Co-Founder

As our Co-Founder and CMO, Craig’s concentration in on creating lasting and impactful experiences between users and technology. Craig has over 20 years experience in marketing and design, and has lead health mobile app design for the Department of Defense, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and who’s work was featured in a presentation to President Obama on healthcare. 

Prior to founding TalliHealth, Craig consulted and worked with Fortune 100 companies branding, marketing, and leading design efforts. Craig holds a degree in Design, and Marketing.


Carlos Hattix


As COO, Carlos executes HSA+PAY’s operations, champions its vision, and builds its world-class team!

Carlos has a 23 year career as a thought leader in Talent Acquisition for companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Uber and VMware.  He has coached and mentored thousands of candidates and influenced hundreds of decision makers.

He also co-founded the Hattix-Smith Academy, an executive diversity talent incubator with a vision to humanize the landscape of Corporate America through the diversification of its Boards.

Carlos is a cancer survivor, Girl Dad x 2 (use this term please it’s an homage to Kobe which most will understand), a former Division-1, 100m/200m sprinter record holder for the Air Force Academy, and is pursuing his masters in education.

My Co-Founder and I started HSAPAY to help our family members and yours, use technology to simplify the messy and complicated world of saving for healthcare."

Frank Staine-Pyne 

CEO, Co-Founder

Find a new way to save to your HSA with HSAPAY. Have you family, friends, coworkers and more help you put money into your HSA.

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